BarrADR believes that a calm, comfortable, accepting environment — one where everyone can be “heard” — promotes settlement.

BarrADR is centrally located between Downtown Denver, Cherry Creek, and DTC at Centerpoint II. Views of the Rocky Mountains and the landscaped courtyard create a pleasant environment at Centerpoint II, a LEED® certified building, in keeping with BarrADR’s commitment to sustainability.

The building is ADA compliant.

Ample parking reduces stress for the participants.

BarrADR is a paperless office. Materials should be submitted in electronic fashion.

Attorneys may schedule online. Billing policies can be found here.

Wifi is available to counsel.

Thoughtful consideration has been given to designing an office environment that feels safe, fair, and comfortable for everyone. Vibrant art* and color welcome all parties and express optimism and consummate professionalism. When you walk through our door, we want you to feel:Barr-ADR-08-16-2013-Enhanced-Image-8

  • Included
  • Heard
  • Understood
  • Hopeful
  • In control
  • Empowered
  • Reduced uncertainty and unpredictability

Although the BarrADR office suite will handily accommodate multiparty mediations and arbitrations, should counsel prefer it, Barr is willing to travel off site.

* Onsite photographic artwork reflects Barr’s interest in art, music and nature as well as her history as a college student in New Orleans, a judge in Miami, and a mediator for 19 years in her adopted state of Colorado. The original images were shot by local artist Michael Andersen and by Art Meripol, who also provided the photographs on the home page of this website.