“A single conversation with a wise [wo]man is better than 10 years of study.”
— Chinese Proverb

Fees for services

Unless the attorneys make and notify BarrADR of other arrangements, BarrADR will divide the bill equally among the parties.*  BarrADR holds counsel, not parties, responsible for compensation for services.

BarrADR’s services are billed at $400 per hour, including preparation time, telephone conferences and mediation sessions or arbitration hearings. Travel time is billed at $200 per hour. BarrADR doesn’t charge administrative or case initiation fees.

Deposits are required from all pro se parties.

For settlement conferences involving pro se parties, a deposit of $1500 per day shall be required at the time the case is set.

Deposits are  required in all arbitrations and out of town cases

BarrADR requires advance payment for arbitration services. Deposits of $4500 per day are required for all arbitrations, and the matter will not be set on the calendar until the deposit is received. Arbitration services are billed against the retainer. For matters outside of Denver requiring overnight stays, actual expenses (including airfare, hotel, meals, parking, car rental and ground transportation) will be billed. For those travel expenses, BarrADR will require an advance cost deposit.

Fees for late notice of cancellation

Single day mediations cancelled within two weeks (10 business days) of the scheduled date will be assessed a $2000 cancellation fee, unless BarrADR is able to fill the day with another matter. Should BarrADR succeed in booking another case on the date cancelled, no late cancellation fee will be assessed.

For all arbitrations, and for mediations that span more than one day, if the case is cancelled with fewer than 15 business days notice, the cancellation fee is $3000 per day.

* In cases where several parties with similar interests are represented by one counsel (e.g., a corporation and its board of directors), if preparation and mediation time are no greater than they would be for a single entity, BarrADR reserves the right to bill that group as one party, so long as it would be more equitable to do so.