BarrADR Launches New Website

DENVER – Today marks the launch of the newly designed website for BarrADR. aims to extend the accessibility of BarrADR’s services by featuring easy-to-find content and an online scheduling tool. “I hope our online visitors will experience a concise but complete view of BarrADR’s offerings and qualifications,” says Robbie M. Barr.

BarrADR’s interactive team, led by Kathy Sullivan of Six Degrees Studio, has been developing the new design with a focus on usability, messaging, and vibrancy.

“This new design was created specifically for attorneys and their clients who are seeking a very bright, experienced, and impartial dispute resolution expert,” says Sullivan. “The website is intentionally crafted to communicate to visitors that Robbie M. Barr applies deep knowledge of the law and a keen understanding of the dynamics between parties to achieve best possible outcomes in disputes. It is a calm, gentle presence amidst the discord many experience in dispute situations.”