“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  — Plato

Robbie M. Barr is highly skilled at helping mediation participants move past deeply held sentiments that have impeded prior efforts to resolve the dispute, so that the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process serves all parties well and with success.

Barr understands that there is a lot on the line for the participants. She knows attorneys count on her to provide high-caliber experience and skills to avoid the time, money, risk and emotional upheaval associated with going to court.

What you can expect when working with BarrADR:

  • A diplomatic but honest evaluation to help all parties move forward.
  • A comfortable, unbiased environment where all participants will be “heard.”
  • Focused energy devoted to helping participants make the most informed decision and to secure the best possible outcome without risk.
  • A mediator who understands that her job is more than “carrying numbers” from room to room. Barr will tenaciously follow a respectful process where litigants can recount their experiences and expectations to a fair neutral with extensive legal experience to help them feel that they have had their “day in court.”
  • In the arbitration setting, Barr will fully and fairly consider the merits of a case to make an intellectually and legally sound decision.